Networking in Brussels


A practical guide to navigating EU networks.

Networks are of ever growing importance to successful work in Europe. They provide invaluable assistance in understanding processes and increasingly offer strategic routes to improving efficiency. To work effectively in Europe, it is vital to have an understanding of the ins and outs of the networking maze.

Why a book on EU networks? The success of the book Lobbying in Brussels – a practical guide to the European Union for cities, regions and enterprises (2006), demonstrated the intrinsic link that exists between networks, networking and successful lobbying in Europe in particular for regional and local actors.

What is a network? What is networking? How are networks structured? How do they work with European institutions? What role do they play in Brussels? What added value can be gained from operating within a network at EU level? What are the risks? What can be gained? This book seeks to provide pragmatic answers to these questions and more to all people getting involved in lobbying and networking in European affairs.

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