GPM offers

• Expertise in issues & thematics related to the regional dimension in Europe •

• Services and benefits according to the specific needs of its clients •

• A wide public, private and political network towards the European institutions and in the 300 European regions

A specific support in 4 concrete and results-oriented topics :

Digital transformation

Is your association/ federation / region / city / network digitally fit ? Are you today part of the digital transformation? Those questions are nowadays very important if you want to disseminate your projects if you need to engage your members or simply if you want to interconnect and digitize your community. With 3 other parties, GPM is part of NeoConnect, the leading association regarding the development of digital platforms for regional, local and thematic communities. Three platforms were designed by GPM in the field of « Local and regional beerstars in Europe » ; « European gluten-free platform » and the « HAPI-town & HAPI-village platform».

The platforms are developed in the frame of a crowdsourcing method. It means, no big financial investments, the possibility to gain time & money, to built your own platform, to geolocalize your members and of course to expand your community. This is the future!

More about NeoConnect and the platforms?

Promotion and representation of your interest in Brussels

Are your interests well promoted in Brussels? Do you want to be part of the EU game without investing a lot of money in offices and permanent staff in Brussels? Of course, hundreds of local and regional stakeholders in Europe want to be seen and heard clearly by EU decision-makers. The EU bubble is a maze for those who want to receive a «piece of the EU cake», financially speaking. This job is not easy if you are not in Brussels and if you are not familiar with the EU habits and customs.

GPM helps you to organize the visit of a political or business delegation, to develop a lobbying strategy, to help you disseminating your best practices or information about your products/services, to search the right partner for your EU projects or simply supporting local/regional players on EU programs or EU call for proposals. This list of services is not complete.

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Training, conferences & seminars

Understanding Europe is not so difficult… It is indeed not more difficult than to understand your own national structures…. If you agree with this, it means that you are open to learning a little bit more about Europe, its institutions and the way you can benefit from it: as public administration, as a network, as a student, as a civil servant, as a key player in your city, …

GPM offers a range of courses, conferences, and seminars, especially about lobbying and networking, but also about regional policy, research, and innovation, EU programs or « à la carte » training. Those courses or seminars can be organized in Brussels or abroad, in groups, individually or in an academic environment.

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Sharing knowledge and experiences are part of GPM’s solutions to help every single citizen to know more about the EU institutions, to understand better the EU decision-making process and to explain how to organize lobby campaigns, how to set up a network or how to approach the EU officials… If you want to come to Brussels as a student, as an expat, as an intern, … read the books about the EU bubble. They are concrete and experienced based.

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