Lobbying and Networking in Brussels


Why a book about lobbying and networking in Brussels?

Simply because local, regional, academic and business players are aware that 75% of the important decisions are taken in Brussels. Indeed, how many times do we hear “It is happening in Brussels!” or “Brussels decides!” ?

The 2014 elected MEPs, the Juncker Commission, the programming period 2014-2020 and the new challenges (digital, energy, immigration, the Brexit and the financial and economic crisis) constitute the current framework in which the key decision-makers and the different stakeholders interplay.

How do you get heard in Brussels? Is it really possible to be listened to by the European institutions? Who do you turn to? When? With what kind of partners? What are the tools that are needed to influence and to answer these questions and defend the interests of your region, your enterprise or your association? This book gives you the answers to these questions and helps you to organize your lobby strategy and gives you tips for an efficient networking.

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