In a few weeks, we will launch for you a regional intelligence hub.

This new non-profit organisation based in Brussels will be the permanent Regional Intelligence Hub©  (Copyright P. Goergen)  for all European regional actors and all regional networks in Europe. Its core mission aims at putting Regions and their actors on the European Map, through more and better participation in interregional and international projects.

It will provide, in a unique location, all the expertise required to support regional actors (public and private bodies, Enterprises, SMEs, Research Centres, Universities, Hospitals, Regional departments & agencies, media, …) around  concrete initiatives matching the EU strategic priorities and the regional development plans of all the European regions.

Its mission is to inform, educate and assist outstanding regional actors to create or in taking part into projects supported by EU cohesion policy funds and related EU and local support schemes. It is not a new thematic or political regional network

As regional intelligence hub based in Brussels, it will gather the concrete needs of the regional actors, put them together and will give the opportunity to the members to connect with the right actor in the right region at the right moment. Synergies with EU programmes and local, regional, national and even international initiatives will develop new challenges focused on innovation and creativity and will open a wide range of exploration of regional potentialities and new business opportunities.

The hub will deal with the daily tasks such as monitoring, networking and connecting, developing strategies, planning and organising lobby actions and finally act concretely for and with the members.  Through those permanent tasks, we will offer specific and concrete activities.

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